More grapes…

September 5, 2013

The weather has been consistently warm and dry for the last few months, and so the grapes are all starting to ripen up very quickly. This week, we brought in the first of our Chardonnay from Belli vineyards for the year.Image

The Chardonnay we brought in this week is comprised of two different ‘clones’, meaning that they are two different kinds of Chardonnay with slightly different characteristics. The two clones we brought in are called ‘Rued’ and ‘Robert Young’, which are both very aromatic clones that contribute the vibrant fruit character to our Chardonnay. They are also early ripeners, which is why they came in first.

We also brought in our Zinfandel from Monte Rosso vineyards this week.ImageRichard is extremely happy with the quality of the Zinfandel this year, the flavor is outstanding, and the color is exceptionally dark.

Things are really going to pick up in the next week or so. Stay tuned!



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