New Barrels

July 30, 2012




Another sure sign that harvest is coming is the arrival of our new barrels. This morning, we picked up four new French Oak barrels from the warehouse in Fairfield.

These barrels are from a French cooper called Ermitage. The paper and cardboard is to protect them from scuffing and light impacts during shipping across the Atlantic. These barrels are destined to be used in the Chardonnay and the Cuvee Alis.

Ermitage allows us to specify which forest we would like the oak to come from for each barrel. It may sound surprising, but the forest that the tree comes from has a subtle but definite effect on the profile of the wine stored in the barrel. In this case, we chose two barrels from Nevers, one from Troncais, and one from Bertranges.

In other news, veraison is progressing rapidly, especially in China Bowl and Montana Vista.

A week ago there was virtually no veraison in China Bowl, and now we’re closing in on being 5% through. Exciting times!

Be sure to check back to see what we’re up to next!

Amapola Creek is Richard Arrowoods’ latest winemaking project, to visit the Amapola Creek Winery main site, please click here.



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