July 20, 2012

This week we have reached an important milestone for the vintage; veraison.

Veraison is a French term that translates (roughly) to ‘color change’. It is the point at which the young, green berries begin to soften and change color, it marks the beginning of the ripening process and reminds us that harvest is not that far away.

Almost all of the veraison we’re seeing so far is from the Montana Vista block of Cabernet Sauvignon. The number of purple berries to be found on the property at present is still relatively small, but it is growing quickly every day. This is actually a little earlier in the year than we would normally see veraison. The weather this season has been near ideal for the vines, warm enough to stimulate growth but not so hot that the vines become stressed. It’s still too soon to predict an early harvest, but this weather makes us optimistic that, early or not, the wine from this vintage will be fantastic!

Amapola Creek is Richard Arrowoods’ latest winemaking project, to visit the Amapola Creek Winery main site, please click here.


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