Fixing Irrigation Lines

July 13, 2012




One of the many constant tasks we face in the vineyard is maintaining our irrigation system. The most common problem we face is leaking from the driplines themselves.

The water, as you can see, is under fairly high pressure. Sometimes a drip emitter breaks or pops out because of the pressure, or sometimes coyotes will come and chew the lines open to get at the water inside (we have a family with kits living not far from this spot).

Leaks can end up wasting a lot of water, not to mention over-irrigating the spots around them in the vineyard. We have to constantly be on the lookout for leaks so we can plug them right away.

The first step is to shut off the water and cut out the damaged section of line.

Once the damaged section is out, we get a ‘coupling’ to hold the two cut ends together.

The inside of the coupling has beveled edges that use the pressure of the water to hold the ends of the irrigation line in place.

Finally, we stick the ends of the line into the coupling, and turn the water back on!

The line is actually a little bit larger than the openings to the coupling, so it takes some work to get the coupling in place. Once it’s on, you should see no more leaks!

Eventually we will install another drip emitter near this coupling, but for now the soil underneath it has more water than it needs so we’ll wait for it to dry out some first.

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