July 11, 2012



While most of our efforts are focused on the vineyard right now, there is still some work to be done inside the winery. This week, we are topping again.

Our barrels are stacked high enough that they cannot all be topped from the ground. To reach the barrels at the top, we use this rolling staircase. The alternative is to either use a ladder (dangerous) or to unstack the barrels (time consuming). The staircase is ideal in trms of safety and convenience.

Getting up to the level of the highest barrels is only part of the problem. Since these barrels are so much higher, it takes a lot more pressure to push the wine up to them. The person doing the topping has to constantly adjust the gas pressure being applied to the topping wine, making sure it is high enough to reach the upper barrels, but not so high that it sprays wine everywhere. 

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