Still pulling laterals

July 6, 2012




This week we’ve been continuing to pull lateral shoots, now that the upper part of the property is done, we’ve moved on to China Bowl.

The vines in China Bowl are not as vigorous as the vines up in Montana Vista, and so thinning out the canopy goes a little bit faster here. Still, this is far and away our largest vineyard, so it does take some time to get the whole thing done, we will probably finish China Bowl around the middle of next week.

Once the vines have been thinned, it is easy to demonstrate how lateral shoot removal improves the disposition of fruit within the canopy.

Note how the clusters are not boxed in by vegetation. They have plenty of access to light, to reduce vegetal flavors, and there is plenty of room for air to flow around them, preventing fungal pathogens from taking hold.

As you can see in the picture above, the berries are getting to be pretty good-sized. We’re still a few months away from harvest, but now we’re far enough past set to know that we are going to have a pretty good- sized crop this year. In fact, it is likely that we will have to remove some fruit from these vines before we pick, to prevent crowding during ripening.

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