Suckering the Grafted Vines

June 22, 2012




As you may recall, this year we have grafted some of our Cabernet Sauvignon vines over to Grenache and Mourvedre in order to boost our production of Cuvee Alis. The grafting itself, or T-budding, happened back around the beginning of May. Since then, we have been letting nature take its’ course. The grafted Grenache and Mourvedre buds have been growing, but so have latent Cabernet Sauvignon buds from all over the trunks of the vines.

Most of the green tissue you can see here is actually Cabernet Sauvignon which we want to remove. We let the Cab shoots continue to grow in the early part of the season so that the Grenache shoots will not get too long and unruly, which would make them hard to work with next year.

This week we have been suckering the grafted vines, which is to say that we have removed all of the green shoots except for those emerging from the grafted buds.

It’s surprising how much smaller the vine looks after the unwanted shoots are stripped away. Now that the vines have been suckered the shoots emerging from the grafted buds will have much less competition, and so they will start to grow much more quickly.

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