June 14, 2012




Flowering is completely over in our vineyards, which means that the former flowers have moved on to the stage known as ‘set’. Set is when tiny little grapes start to form on the clusters. This is the stage where we start to get an idea how much crop we are likely to see this year.

Not every flower turns into a grape. There are a number of factors that determine how well grapes will set after flowering, such as vine nutrition, weather, and soil water status. This year we did see some late rains and strong winds that could potentially have damaged the flowers, from the looks of things however we will still have plenty of grapes to crush!

When a flower fails to set into a berry, we say that it has ‘shattered’. Shatter is actually a good thing, provided that it happens on a relatively small scale, every time a flower shatters it leaves a little grape-sized hole in the final cluster which helps light and air penetrate to the center. This aids ripening and discourages the spread of rot.

We’re very close to being done with cane positioning, which means that all of our canopies are quickly approaching their final shape. Now that we are starting to see a pretty good set it’s becoming apparent that we are in for a very good year!

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