More cane positioning

June 8, 2012




We’ve spent all week getting canes positioned in the China Bowl block at the foot of the property. This is our largest block, and so it is taking us some time to get it finished.

The rows in this section of the block are quite long. This is painstaking work, so it takes the crew days to move from one end of the vineyard to the other while cane positioning.

There is still a fair amount to go, but we’re hoping to have it sewn up by the middle of next week.

The weather lately has been warm, but not so warm that the vines are particularly stressed. As a result, the vines are growing very quickly. In this picture you can see how big the shoots are getting on the left, and on the right you can see how much cane positioning does to rein that growth in and properly shape it.

In other news, we are almost all the way through bloom, which means that we are starting to get an idea of what our crop for the year may look like in the near future. Be sure to check back to find out what we’re seeing!

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