More cane positioning

May 30, 2012




We are steadily working our way through the upper portion of the property, by the end of this week we expect every vine in this section to be nice and squared away, after which we will move on down to China Bowl.

As you may recall, cane positioning is done to give the canopy the proper shape. While the position of the canes is crucial, it is also important to pay attention to the positions of the leaves and clusters.

While the crew goes through positioning canes, they also remove leaves on the side of the vine that will catch sunlight in the morning.

As you can see, removing the leaves from the East facing side of the vine leaves the clusters exposed, which will allow them to catch direct sunlight during the morning. This mild sunlight will help the fruit to ripen and develop strong, fruit forward characters.

There is also some effort put into the positioning of the clusters themselves, they often need to be untangled and moved away from each other at this stage, so that when the grapes begin to grow they do not crowd each other and block the flow of light and air through the canopy.

As you can see in this picture, the West facing side of the vine is left with more leaves covering the fruit. This is the side of the vine that receives the harsher afternoon sunlight, when the fruit will need some protection to prevent raisining and sunburn.

All of this attention to detail is why cane positioning is such a painstaking process, it is what’s necessary to produce fruit of the caliber we want for our wines.

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