Cane Positioning

May 24, 2012




Now that suckering is done for the year, we are starting to position our canes. Cane positioning is done to shape the canopy in such a way that the fruit gets adequate sunlight and exposure to air. The sunlight enhances fruit characters in the finished wine, and the airflow prevents pathogens like mildew and bunch rot from taking hold.

This is how the vines look before cane positioning. Note the somewhat unregulated growth, with many of the canes growing more or less horizontally. Having canes sticking out like this creates too much shade on the fruit, and restricts the flow of air.

The ideal position for the canes is almost vertical.

This is how the vines look after cane positioning. Note how all of the canes have been tucked up under the trellis wire so they stand upright.

This is a very labor intensive process, it takes a crew of four almost two weeks to do the entire property, but it is one of the many steps that simply have to be followed to grow the grapes that make excellent wine. Be sure to check back tomorrow for more on how we sculpt the canopy of our vines!

To visit the Amapola Creek Winery main site, please click here.


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