Done with Suckering

May 17, 2012




We’ve finished out suckering all of the vines on the property, which means we will have a brief lull in our vineyard work. The next step is going to be cane positioning.

Suckering was the first step in shaping the canopy of the vines, where we chose which shoots we would keep and which should be let go. Cane positioning is the next step, where we take the remaining shoots and tuck them up between the trellis wires.

Forcing the shoots to grow more or less vertically will do several things. First, it will cause most of the grapes to hang at close to the same height, defining an area known as the ‘fruiting zone’. Second, it will fill the fruiting zone with dappled sunlight, giving the fruit some exposure to sunlight, but also some protection from the intense summer sun. Third, it helps hold the shoots still, which gives them some protection from wind damage.

We know it’s time to start cane positioning when the vines start to get this ‘hairy’ look. All of the horizontal and downward growth will be trained upwards.

As you have seen over the last few weeks, we really put a lot of hand labor into tending our vines. It is difficult, and it is expensive, and it is the best way to craft the exceptional grapes that become our exceptional wines. Be sure to check back and see what positioned canes look like!

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