T-buds are pushing!

May 15, 2012




This is exciting, the vines that we budded over to Grenache are starting to push shoots! This signals that the T-budding process was a success, and that in a few years we will indeed have some more Grenache to put into our Cuvee Alis.

The white budding tape you see in this picture will help us to identify the Grenache shoots as they grow. Many of these vines are still pushing Cabernet shoots from latent buds in other sections of the trunk, these shoots will need to be removed and so we will need to be able to tell them apart from the Grenache shoots. They may be small right now, but each of these tiny shoots will be trained up onto the trellis wire, and eventually become an arm of the grown vine.

We’ve been preparing for this T-budding project since last Winter, so it’s fantastic to see that the work we’ve put in is paying off. We’re greatly looking forward to the wine we will eventually make from these vines, and we’re sure you will too. There’s still a lot happening in our vineyards, be sure to check back and see!

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