More suckering

May 9, 2012




Today we finished suckering the upper part of the property, including the Foxtrot Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Syrah and Grencahe in Bobcat Run. We also suckered the Petit Verdot in Bobcat Run, but this variety has to be suckered a little differently than most other varieties.

Petit Verdot has relatively weak cane attachments, which means that the shoots can break off fairly easily. We are expecting to lose a few shoots to wind later in the season, and a few more will probably come off during cane positioning, so at this point we only sucker the shoots that are sprouting out of the trunk, leaving vines that have a bushy canopy on top of a cleared stalk.

One of the next big physiological stages that the vines are going to go through is flowering. The closed flowers emerge along with the shoot during budbreak. At first they are pretty small, but flowering is likely only a few weeks away and so they are starting to swell up.

Grenache has the largest clusters out of any of our varieties, and so it also has the largest bunches of flowers. Each tiny bump in this picture is a flower bud. Imagine that every bud on this stalk will turn into a single grape, and you will see where the characteristic shape of grape clusters comes from.

Things are moving fast for us, be sure to check back and see what’s going on!

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4 Responses to “More suckering”

  1. John Williams said

    How do you record the various stages and actions throughout the vineyard? Any thoughts to record the information along with gps information on a handheld device?
    Micah, your attention to details and explanation make your blog interesting and memorable. The wine you produce can only be enhanced as one learns about all the steps involved in the process.

    • Thanks for the kind words John. Everything that happens in the vineyards basically gets recorded in a journal that breaks down by block. Our property is too small for a gps to be useful, instead we will sometimes just carry maps of the vineyards with us if the location of something specific needs to be recorded.

  2. John said

    I would disagree as size really does not make a difference on the gps usage. I might be out that way in June and will try to bring one by.

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