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May 4, 2012




T-budding is over, and now it’s back to our more standard vineyard routine. All of the late rains we got in the Spring meant that we had to hold off on flail mowing the China Bowl until the ground was dry enough to get the tractor down the rows. This in turn meant we had to hold off on discing China Bowl to incorporate all of the mowed cover crop material back into the soil. Now that the ground has dried out somewhat, the mowing is done, and the T-budding crew is out of the way, we have had time to get the tractor out and disc China Bowl.

If you look closely, you can see the brown earth that has been tilled up in the area surrounding the tractor. Individual areas sometimes have to be disced several times in order to get the soil properly tilled, depending on how wet and clumpy the soil is.

Mixing all of this organic matter down into the soil will produce a welcome burst of nutrients to the vines, which are currently growing like crazy. We got a late start to this growing season, and now everything is catching up in a big hurry!

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