T-budding is completed!

May 2, 2012




Today the crew continued the T-budding project, converting about 700 Cabernet Sauvignon vines over to Mourvedre.

Mourvedre is a Rhone red variety that we will eventually include in our Cuvee Alis, along with the Grenache that we budded over the weekend. Mourvedre is a slightly difficult grape to grow, because it tends to ripen very late in the season. To help it ripen up a little earlier, we are converting vines at the very top of the hill in China Bowl, where it gets very warm and the soils are thin, both of which encourage faster ripening.

The first step in T-budding a vine is to make a cut in the trunk where the budwood will be inserted. It may look simple, but making the cut properly is actually a very precise matter. These workers have been perfecting their technique for years.

Once the cuts are made, the budwood is inserted.

Positioning the bud in the cut is tricky, the vascular tissue of the budwood and the vine have to match up very closely for a graft to form. This process is called T-budding because on bud is grafted onto either side of the vine, and once the shoots push the whole plant will form a “T” shape.

Now we will wait for the new shoots to push, and then we will train them up onto the trellis wires to form the new arms of the vines.

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  1. […] and Mourvedre in order to boost our production of Cuvee Alis. The grafting itself, or T-budding, happened back around the beginning of May. Since then, we have been letting nature take its’ course. […]

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