April 9, 2012




As we have waited for the lower reaches of the property to dry out, we have had an opportunity to start ‘discing’ in the upper vineyards. Discing is actually a soil tilling practice, it gets its name from the large steel discs attached to the back of the tractor.

Unlike the flail mower, this is not a powered attachment. It works by using the weight and power of the tractor to force the discs down into the soil, where they cut it up and turn it over as the tractor passes. This is done primarily to take all the mowed vegetation and put it down into the soil where it will decompose more quickly. This causes a sudden increase in nutrients available to the vines and helps them during the early part of the growing season.

When the soil is dry and hard, it can be difficult to get the discs to penetrate the soil properly, and so the driver will have to make numerous passes to get the soil adequately tilled. Fortunately the soil is currently relatively soft from the recent rains, so it’s only taking two passes to get things tilled properly.

Since we've been able to move through quickly, we've managed to get the upper vineyards finished. We may need to disc again at some point during the growing season as grass pushes back up in the rows, but for now we're ready to let the growing season commence!

It’s looking like we may see more rain later this week, so we’re hustling to get as much work done in the lower section of the property as possible before the soil gets wet again. Be sure to keep checking in to see how it’s going!

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