More mowing and weed whacking

April 6, 2012




The ground is drying out pretty quickly now, so we’ve been able to get the flail mower down into Bobcat Run. Since we all ready had the weed whacking crew on the property, they were able to follow on the heels of the mower.

Just a week ago the soil here was far too wet to support the weight of the tractor, happily now it's not a problem.

Since the Grenache and the Syrah have already gone through budbreak, it’s imperative that the tractor driver be very careful not to hit the vines while passing down the rows. Hitting the vines at this point could cause ‘tractor blight’, meaning that the young shoots could be knocked off.

Fortunately there is no sign of tractor blight anywhere in Bobcat Run. In fact, as you can see the Grenache is already pushing out little shoots.

China Bowl is still a little too wet to mow, but that will probably change soon.

Getting China Bowl mowed is necessary, but from an aesthetic point of view we're not too disappointed to have all this lush greenery around for a little while longer.

Things are starting to move quickly in the vineyards, be sure to check back soon to see what’s going on!

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