Weed Whacking

April 4, 2012




While the sun has definitely come out here in Sonoma Valley, it’s still a little too wet to get the tractor out into the lower vineyards to keep on flail mowing. Instead, we’re heading out with weed whackers to deal with the cover crop plants that grew on the berms of the vineyard, directly underneath the vines where the flail mower can’t reach.

As you can see, while the rows themselves are mowed, the areas between the rows still have vegetation growing on them. Some of these plants, like oats, can grow tall enough that they will interfere with the fruiting zone of the canopy later in the season, so they still need to be trimmed back.

Since it is done by hand, this is a fairly labor intensive process. There are tractor attachments that can be used to automatically mow the berm, but they only work well on very flat land. Most of our vineyards are very hilly, so mowing by hand is still the best option for us.

We started weed whacking in Montana Vista, at the top of the property. Since we were able to finish flail mowing this block before the last round of rain, it's currently the easiest for the workers to walk through.

It looks like we will be able to resume flail mowing sometime in the next week or so, after which there will be lot of weed whacking to do.

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