More budbreak!

April 3, 2012




The weather is going through a nice warming trend here in Sonoma Valley, and that means that the vines are beginning to wake up faster!

Last week we found a little bit of budbreak up in the hilltop section of China Bowl, and right now we’re seeing more down in the lower section that is being T-budded over into Grenache.

We're happy to see strong growth taking off in this section, because we need it to be as vigorous as possible by the time we start T-budding these Cabernet vines over to Grenache later this Spring.

We’re also seeing continuation of the budbreak we noticed last week in the Montana Vista block.

Last week the only budbreak in this block was in the far Western corner, where the soil is thinnest and the vines smallest. Budbreak is slowly creeping East, with most vines in the rocky, rhyolitic section of the vineyard showing at least some broken buds.

Wit the warm weather on the way we’re expecting to see a lot of activity out in the vineyards this month. Be sure to stop back for more pictures!

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