Rain and more budbreak

March 27, 2012




California is still significantly behind on rainfall this year, so we’re pretty glad to see that it has started raining again today.

One consequence of the rain is that budbreak will probably slow down a little bit. Budbreak in grapevines is stimulated by warmer weather characteristic of early Spring. The rain is keeping the temperature out in the vineyard down around 50 degrees F, so it’s likely that we won’t see very aggressive pushing until the weather clears up.

On the other hand, we are still seeing small signs of budbreak in certain parts of the property.

Several vines in the Western end of the Montana Vista Cabernet Sauvignon block have pushed their buds. The soil in this end of the block is very rocky, and the vines are a little bit smaller here than elsewhere, which predisposes them towards going through budbreak a little earlier.

While it would be great to get the buds pushed and the vines growing, we are still very happy to have the rain. When rain comes this late in the year it is actually more beneficial for us, because the water status of the soil will remain elevated for longer into the growing season, keeping us from needing to switch on our irrigation systems.

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