March 26, 2012




This past weekend we observed our first budbreak of 2012! Budbreak is when the buds finally burst open and the young shoots start to emerge.

Budbreak marks the start of the growing season in the vineyard, and so it also signifies the unofficial beginning of Spring.

While February was relatively warm, March has largely been cool and wet. As a result, budbreak has been slightly delayed. The first block to go through budbreak this year is our Grenache in the Bobcat Run vineyard. This is typical, as Grenache is a relatively ‘early’ variety, meaning that it tends to do everything, budbreak, flower, ripen, etc., a little bit ahead of our other varieties.

As you can see, when the shoots first emerge they tend to have a slightly pinkish-yellow color.

After a day or two, the yellow color is replaced by green. The shoots are still very compact right now, but soon they will begin to grow rapidly. This will be especially true this year because of all the water in the soil.

We’re starting to see hints of budbreak on other parts of the property, be sure to check back to see what’s happening later this week!

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