Done planting benchgrafts

March 6, 2012




Today we were able to finish planting all of the Grenache benchgrafts in the China Bowl vineyard.

The Grenache is going to extend from the bottom of this picture to just past the point where the slope starts to rise up in the distance. As you can see, the mustard in our cover crop is doing very well in this section, thanks to the warm weather coupled with intermittent rain we've recently experienced. At the moment it looks like the weather is starting to wake the vines up, we will probably see budbreak within the next two weeks.

Once the buds on our vines start to grow, there will be one more step to take with our newly planted benchgrafts.

The benchgraft is buried under the small pile of soil in this picture. After budbreak we will push the soil away, and then slide the cardboard carton down over the benchgraft to protect the young vine from small herbivores like rabbits and voles.

It will still be a few years before these vines are ready to produce fruit, making fine wine is a game of waiting!

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