Inspecting the vineyards

February 24, 2012




We are officially done with tying down canes in the vineyards, so now we are just waiting for budbreak to signal the start of the growing season.

This is really a beautiful time of year, when all of the vineyards are looking tidy and the cover crops are starting to produce a lush layer of growth on the vineyard floor. This is a view from the Southeastern corner of the Montana Vista Cabernet Sauvignon block.

While we haven’t seen any real signs of budbreak in the grapevines, the warm weather is causing a bit of an early Spring for some of the other crop plants on the property.

This aprium tree, part of a small orchard near the Western edge of the Montana Vista block, definitely appreciates the recent warm weather.

A number of the wild species growing around the property are also starting to exhibit Spring-like behavior.

The live oaks around the property are starting to push their funny, rod-shaped bunches of flowers. These will be fat clusters of acorns by Summertime.

Considering that so many other plants around the grounds are waking up from Winter already, it likely won’t be too long before our vines start to push as well, and at that point we will begin the process of crafting our 2012 wines.

China Bowl from the Southeast corner.

To visit the Amapola Creek Winery main site, please click here.


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