More T-budding prep work

February 10, 2012




As you may remember, we are planning to T-bud some of our Cabernet Sauvignon vines over to other varieties in the Spring. T-budding requires some living budwood (dormant canes from the variety of vine we are switching over to). Some of our budwood will be purchased from a grapevine vendor, but the rest will come from our own Grenache vines in the Bobcat Run vineyard.

The process starts with gathering some of the canes left over from pruning.

Once we had gathered enough canes to produce the amount of budwood we will need, we started to sort and clip the canes.

The canes selected need to be a little larger than average, ideally about as thick around as an adults' pinky finger.

Not every cane is alive at this time of year, so it’s important to clip the canes and make sure the tissue inside them is still alive.

A cane that is still in good condition will have a cross-section like this, fully green all the way around the margin. You will also frequently see a trickle of sap coming from the cuts.

Once all of the canes are trimmed to the right size they are bundled together for storage.

Bundling them tightly is important. It makes them easier to move and store, and it keeps the canes from abrading each other and killing the buds.

Once they are bundled, we seal them in garbage bags filled with sawdust and a little damp newspaper, to keep them from drying out and dying. Once they are packaged, they are placed in a refrigerated room. Keeping the canes cool is important, because it ensures that the buds will not try to push before we are ready to use them.

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