More pruning, more flowers, and more attention from the media

February 2, 2012




This week the vineyard crew is still plugging along, pruning the Cabernet Sauvignon vines down in China Bowl.

The vines in the foreground of this picture have not been pruned, but if you look very closely near the center of the picture you can see the vineyard crew working their way up the hillside.

Another thing of note this week, the Pacific bay trees growing all around the property have started to flower, so when walking the property lately one is frequently treated to bursts of their lovely scent.

This entire plant is very aromatic, the leaves have a smell very similar to that of the Mediterranean bay which is used in cooking, and the aroma of the flowers is reminiscent of hyacinths.

Last but not least, we got several nice reviews in the media this week.

First, Peg Melnik of the Press Democrat had some very nice things to say about our 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Second, blogger Jolene Thym of The Picky Eater had some kind words for our 2009 Cuvee Alis.

We work hard on our wines, so it’s always fantastic to hear positive reviews!

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2 Responses to “More pruning, more flowers, and more attention from the media”

  1. Lucie Demers said

    Congratulations for the nice reviews. I find your blog so
    interesting. I have also had the opportunity to taste
    Cuvée Alis, and I agree, Superb…….

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