More Pruning

January 18, 2012




We finished up pruning in the Montana Vista block yesterday afternoon, and this morning we moved on into the Foxtrot block.

We managed to get a little less than half the block done today.

This is the oldest block on the property, and so the vines here are the largest and most vigorous. Pruning these vines is a little bit more difficult than pruning the slightly younger vines in up in Montana Vista, because there are more canes to remove, and because care needs to be taken to make sure that the vines will not get too tall for the trellis wires in the next growing season. We are also having to adjust our pruning slightly because of the rain we are expecting.

There are two things to see in this picture. First, note that we chose to keep canes that start below the trellis wires. This will keep the vine from getting too tall next year. Second, note that we left a pretty good sized piece of the vine still attached above the cane on the right. The vine can tolerate little cuts without a problem, but large cuts coupled with damp weather can stress the vines immune system and lead to disease. Since it is going to rain soon, we don't want to leave any really large pruning wounds on the vine, so we will wait until the weather clears up and then go back through to remove any excess tissue.

Check back tomorrow to see how we’re dealing with the weather.

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