More racking

November 22, 2011



This week we’ve had a bit more wine work to do. We made about 700 gallons of Monte Rosso Zinfandel this year, which is too small an amount to store in any of our stainless steel tanks (the headspace would be too large and we would risk oxidizing the wine). So, a few weeks ago we put it down into barrels where we could let it settle without exposure to open air.

Now that the remaining lees have had time to settle, we have pulled the barrels back out and racked the wine back into a tank.

The lees are left behind after the clean wine is racked away, then the barrels are rotated upside-down and the lees are rinsed out.

 Once the wine was in tank, we quickly mixed it and checked it to make sure it was tasting fine, and then we turned it around and put it back down to barrels.

Even though we’re not racking between tanks in this operation, we still like to splash the wine through our copper screen before we put it back down to barrel. Back in the old days, wineries used to make heavy use of brass fittings. The copper in the brass served the same function as our copper screen. Nowadays everything is generally made of stainless steel, which is why we intentionally expose the wine to just a little bit of copper metal during its’ early stages.
This was the third racking for the Zinfandel, which means that the wine is fairly clean. We will taste it in about a month to see whether or not we want to rack it again before putting it down to barrel permanently.
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