Cleaning up

November 18, 2011

Sorry for the late post this week, faithful readers. On Wednesday we topped our barrels again.

Topping is fairly routine for our wines that have been in barrel for awhile, but for the newer wines it can be a little different. Brand new barrels that have never been filled before absorb wine a little more quickly than older barrels, because the wood is a little bit drier. As a result, the first few topping rounds can take a little more wine than the later ones will.
After that, we hit another brief lull in the wine work, so we began focusing on one big, final post-harvest clean-up.

Cleaning up after harvest means going through all of the crush equipment and making sure there are no grape skins left anywhere. It also means washing out the press and hoses with a concentrated solution of percarbonate (essentially hydrogen peroxide once it's dissolved). Then we power washed the floors and cleaned out the drain traps.

After cleaning them out, we stack the macro bins and wrap them in plastic. The plastic is to keep animals and pieces of detritus from getting into the bins while they’re being stored. It is surprising how quickly wildlife will move into the bins if they aren’t protected, this year while cleaning out the bins we found that a field mouse and a scorpion had already moved in.
Cleanliness is an important part of the winemaking process, so once major harvest operations are over it’s wise to make sure that any little details that may have been neglected during the busy times are dealt with before moving forward.
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