T-bin Temperature Management

November 8, 2011



As you may remember, last week we brought in a few bins of Cabernet Sauvignon second crop. We wound up with just a little more than two tons of second crop, which is too small an amount to place in any of our stainless steel fermentors. So, we broke the grapes out into three T-bins (one ton food grade plastic bins) to ferment.

One of the problems we’ve faced with fermenting the second crop is the ambient temperature. It has been very cold outside lately, especially at night. Small fermentations do not produce a lot of heat, and when it is very cold outside they can actually chill down enough to start stressing the yeast and slowing down the fermentation. To combat this, we set them in the sun during the day and then bring them inside at night.

T-bins are double walled, and so they have some insulation against the cold, but right now it is still necessary to take extra steps to keep them warm.
This is a pretty good example of how much hands-on attention winemaking really takes, even grapes that are unlikely to make it into our blends have to be treated carefully.
Soon we will press these grapes out, and the first phase of harvest 2011 will truly be over. Next we will continue to prep our vineyards for the winter, and we will begin processing our young wines towards finished products.
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