Second crop

November 1, 2011



It turns out we have one more little push to get through before harvest is finally, completely done. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, we have been picking our ‘second crop’. Second crop is composed of clusters that set later in the season, usually outside of the fruiting zone. They tend to be very small, and ripen much later than the first crop.

This is a typical second crop cluster. The flavor from these grapes will usually not quite be on par with the rest of the fruit that came off the vine. The wine made from these grapes will most likely be added into the press fraction, which will be sold to another brand somewhere down the line.
The second crop is spread out very thinly over all of our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards, so it takes a couple of days to get it all picked even though it will probably come out to less than two tons of fruit. The China Bowl block had the most second crop in it, while Montana Vista and Foxtrot seem to have comparatively little.
Even though the likelihood of this fruit making it into the final blend is low, it’s still worthwhile to harvest it. The little bit of wine that we make out of it will still make us a small profit when we sell it off. Waste not want not!
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    How about a larger or bolder font. A bit hard to read by some of us.

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