And then, just as suddenly as it began…

October 26, 2011



Harvest is over! At least as far as receiving fruit goes. Yesterday our last lot of grapes came in from the Foxtrot block. Foxtrot is our oldest block of vines, planted ten years ago to Cabernet Sauvignon just after the Arrowoods bought the property. It was originally known as the Photovoltaic block, because of a large solar array that sits adjacent to it that powers Richards’ house.

This block is directly across the road from the Bobcat Run Syrah and Grenache.
This block is planted to clone 337 (one of the same clones we have planted down in the China Bowl), which has tiny berries and very open clusters. We were grateful for those open clusters this year because it meant we actually had very little botrytis to deal with in this block. Foxtrot was especially worrisome for us because, as our oldest block, it takes the longest to ripen and was likely to face the longest exposure to the cool, wet weather.
Fortunately, it really didn’t have too much rot in it, probably due to the clear, warm weather we’ve had over the last few days. What little rot there was had not reached an advanced stage, so we were able to use the old-school vine shaking technique to sort out the bad fruit. We got in just under six tons of Cab from this block (more than we expected, which was nice), all of which tasted great. We crushed it all to a single tank and inoculated it with K1, and today it is already fermenting happily away. Overall, this year we brought in just under forty six tons of grapes. To put that in perspective, a large winery in Northern California might crush something like three thousand.
So now it’s down to pressing and racking for the 2011 vintage, there’s still a lot of work to do so be sure to check back!
To visit the Amapola Creek Winery main site, please click here.

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