Belli Chardonnay is done fermenting

October 17, 2011



On Saturday we checked the smaller lot of Belli Chardonnay (Dijon clone from block 4) and found that it was completely done fermenting. This lot had a relatively warm, quick fermentation, which will likely result in an increase in texture and contribute to the creamy, nutty characters in the wine. By contrast, the larger lot (Rued and Dijon clone from blocks 3 and 5) had a cooler, slower fermentation, which characteristically leads to enhanced fruit characters and minerality. Since the smaller lot was finished up, we pumped it out of barrels and into one of our porta-tanks.

You can see the swirls of foam in the top of the tank, those are caused by escaping carbon dioxide left over from fermentation.

From there we switched on the refrigeration and left the wine to sit for a couple of days. This allows all of the yeast cells that have been produced during fermentation to sink to the bottom of the tank. The next step will be to rack the wine off of the yeast cells, also known as ‘fermentation lees’. We like to remove most of the yeast cells at this stage, because they may start to release off-odors as they degrade once the fermentation is over.

When we rack this wine, probably today or tomorrow, off of its’ fermentation lees we will also combine it with the other, larger lot of Belli Chardonnay that has been finishing out the last little stretch of its’ fermentation in tank. We’re excited to see how this blend turns out!

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