Meet Montana Vista!

October 6, 2011

Montana Vista is our highest-altitude vineyard, situated at the top of the property next to Richards’ home. Its’ name is Spanish for Mountain View (for obvious reasons), and it is planted entirely to Entav clones of Cabernet Sauvignon.

This block is situated directly next to Monte Rosso vineyards, where we get our Zinfandel and Petite Sirah from.

The Eastern section of this block shares Monte Rossos’ characteristic red basaltic soil. This soil is relatively rich, so we used the slow-growing clone 341 to keep the vines from getting unwieldy. The Western portion of the block is a completely different soil type, what is known as rhyolitic soil.

Rhyolitic soil if full of rocks. Parts of the property actually used to be quarries for cobblestones that were used in the early days of San Francisco.

This soil is much less fertile than the red basaltic soil to the East, so we planted the relatively vigorous clone 191 in this section, to promote even ripening of the block as a whole.

Another interesting geological feature of this block is how the depth of the soil changes as you move from North to South. The Southern edge of the block (the top of the hill, by Richards’ home) has relatively thin soil, while the Northern edge is significantly deeper. Deeper soils don’t drain as easily as shallow soils, so we have set up our irrigation to be able to water the Northern and Southern sides of the block separately.

The range of soil types and depths in this block make it another contributor of complexity to our final Cabernet Sauvignon blend, and the relatively high altitude of the block tends to produce a wine that is very rich and concentrated.

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