Leaf thinning

October 5, 2011

The first half of today was bright and sunny (although the rains are supposed to come back late this afternoon), so we’ve decided to take advantage of the clear weather and do a little leaf thinning in some of our Cabernet Sauvignon blocks.

The reason to drop leaves now is to make sure that plenty of air and light can get to the fruit when the rains are over. That way we can lower the humidity around the fruit and hopefully prevent any botrytis outbreaks.

We are primarily focusing on the leaves on the North side of the vines, as that is where the more intense afternoon sunlight will come from. These vines are in the Montana Vista block, which we’ll write more about tomorrow.

We are being pretty aggressive with thinning the leaves, the goal is to have the fruit completely exposed. We avoided doing this earlier in the season because too much light exposure could cause what is known as ‘sunburn’, meaning that the skins turn brown and lose much of their flavor. This late in the season that is not a concern, so we’re going to go all-in to help the fruit dry off.

Here you can see exactly what we're trying to acheive, the fruit is hanging free where the light and breeze can reach it.

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