Monte Rosso Zinfandel is scheduled for harvest

September 22, 2011

The 2011 Monte Rosso Zinfandel will be here next Tuesday! All this warm California weather is really kicking off the ripening process. Sugars and flavors are coming up quickly, especially in the old vine Zin. This effect of the weather is taking hold all over Sonoma County, and most wineries are starting to need to bring in a lot of their fruit very quickly, so we’ve taken the precaution of lining up a picking crew well in advance to make sure we can get the fruit in while it’s still in peak condition.

We went out and sampled the Zin yesterday to get an idea where it was sitting in terms of ripeness.

This is one of the samples we pulled from the Monte Rosso Zin yesterday. Sampling a vineyard involves pulling grapes from different areas within the vineyard, and from different positions on the vines (e.g. not every sample should come from high or low in the canopy, it should be a mixture). It’s actually an art that takes some experience to do correctly.

The sugars and flavors in the sample were not quite where we need them to be yet, but we’ve been keeping an eye on these blocks for the last few weeks, and based on what we’ve seen and what the weather is supposed to look like, it’s pretty obvious these grapes will be ready to go by early next week.

This is a close up of one of the old Zinfandel vines, you can get a sense of its age from the size of the lichens that have grown on its’ trunk.
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