More Chardonnay

September 21, 2011

Today we picked the rest of the block 5 Chardonnay from the Belli ranch. As we mentioned yesterday, this block is planted to the Dijon clone. This clone does not have the distinctive muscat character of the Rued clone, instead it has a classic Chardonnay profile of minerality and pears.

Dijon clusters tend to be little bit larger and more compact than those of the Rued clone. As you can see in this picture, they also exhibit a trait known as ‘hens and chicks’, where there are small and large berries in the same cluster.

The vines in this block are a little older and more productive than the Rued vines in block 3, so we ended up getting about three tons of fruit today.

Of course, this means a fairly long work day because we need to do three pressloads instead of two, but during harvest that’s just the way it goes. At many facilities it’s not uncommon to work fourteen hour days during harvest, and occasionally they run much longer. We’re lucky here, because our small size means we can take our time and be careful with the product and still work somewhat reasonable hours.

On longer days with multiple pressloads, we keep the fruit inside our climate controlled warehouse / barrel room to keep it cool.

We’re still planning to get a little more Chardonnay from the Belli ranch, but the remaining blocks are not quite ripe yet, so we’re going to take a few days off from Chard and let the hot weather we’re having bring the sugars up.

Tune in tomorrow for some news about our 2011 Monte Rosso Zin!

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