Getting set up for harvest

September 19, 2011



The Belli Chardonnay will be here tomorrow, so we’ve been busy getting all of the harvest equipment out and ready.

First, we got our little Willmes press out and cleaned and ready to go.

Then, we switched out the forks on our forklift for a set with a bin turner on them, which means the forks can rotate vertically to the left and right. We will use this to pour the grapes out of the picking bins and into the press.

The regular forks, on the right, will go back into storage until we’re done with grapes.

Finally, we brought out all of our hoses and hooked them together to sanitize them. This gives us a chance to wash out anything that may have gotten inside, like dust or spiders. It also lets us check all the hoses for leaks before we get started moving around juice or wine.

We also brought out our little must pump, which gently moves destemmed grapes to tank. Since we’re going to whole-cluster press the Chardonnay, we won’t need this tomorrow, but it seemed like a good idea to get it out and cleaned and ready to go anyhow.

Everything is in place and ready to go, now we just need the grapes!

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